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“Hey Siri, what’s the weather today?”

In 2021, I think it is safe to assume that everyone has had an interaction with some device using speech/voice recognition. Albeit not yet perfect, speech technologies have become a norm in our developing tech world. As avid users of the many speech recognition programs such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Translate, we often take for granted the intricacies of these programs and we simply expect them to work. But, have you ever wondered how machines actually understand human speech, or at least what goes into the process?

In this article, I will…


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If you are like the thousands of people each year who have decided to study computer science, or have decided to learn how to code, then you have definitely faced this question: Which programming language should I learn first? In a sea of roughly 700 different programming languages, it’s already amazing that we can narrow down the list to two — Python and Ruby. But, which one should you pick?

In this article I will discuss some of the key differences between the popular programming languages, Python and Ruby. …

JavaScript Drag and Drop with Database Persistence

Imagine what web applications would be like without dragging and dropping. It would be more tedious to move items around in Google Drive or Dropbox. You would need to individually open folders, then manually add a file to that folder. What a pain! Luckily for us, the powerful combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript makes dragging and dropping a breeze to implement, thus making day to day functionality more practical for users.

In this article I will be walking through how to implement drag and drop using Vanilla JavaScript, along with basic HTML and CSS. …

Whether you’re just starting out your journey to programming or you’re like the hundreds of seasoned developers out there, you have definitely encountered this scenario:

You are vigorously typing away at endless lines of code. You arrive at a situation requiring you to do some sort of string manipulation, but you aren’t too sure on how to approach the problem. As the savvy developer you are, you begin a google search: “How to remove all the vowels and blank spaces from a string?” Behold, you are brought to the mighty Stack Overflow but, the top answer is something like this:

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